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About Us

UBBO is here to further develop the art and science of the productive lifestyle. UBBO sees the management of time and energy as a fundamental building block of human productivity, which are constantly thrown out of balance by predictable obstacles in our everyday life. UBBO identifies specific tasks in the modern human routine to design and engineer a task automation system that bridges the digital automation framework into real life. Therefore, UBBO is not just helping people become more efficient and productive, but also improving the quality of life. Our end goal is for these ‘in real life’ automations to take care of the things we ‘need’ to do and leave more time and energy for the things we ‘want’ to do.

UBBO fundamentally believes productivity is for everyone, including the hyper-productive or the casual. Does not matter if you are managing three businesses, trying to be the very best at what you do, wanting to make more time for family and friends, or diving deeper into a hobby. Join UBBO and be part of the productivity revolution we are sparking!

UBB0 Team

You already know what you need, when you need it.

Why not automate it?

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